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Leads are aggressive .They play with the neighborhood .Its not right.They have the power to eliminate any neighbor they want and private message other neighbors.Its not right.I live in a neighborhood with such a neighbor who was made a lead.A lead who monitors everyones messages.Its simply not right to decide whose post you can read in your neighborhood.This man lives on the street called Corbin,he goes by the name of Garrett.I wanted to call... Read more

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I have the biggest complaint about this shelters that they run in San Mateo is ridiculous none of our money for success they want you to lie to get donations and then make it impossible for you to get housing feeding you a bunch of sugar and a bunch of second-hand food but keeping it in their organization about how to get housing recycling us back and forth through Safe Harbor back and forth 2 Maple Street ongoing cycle back to the streets Read more

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I was made a "LEAD" without my knowledge or consent and I have no way to delete that without deactivating my account. I have no idea who to contact to remove it and the "choices" under contact does not address the "choice" to UN "LEAD"me, as it was apparently a mistake!! Irritating!!

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Do not stay here. Lots of illegalities. They let men stay on women's floors and they also let animals, specifically dogs, that are not service dogs into shelter sleeping areas. They also don't follow their own protocols for not having food on the floor--the fourth floor of Next Door has a lot of shelter guests eating and drinking things like sandwiches, candy bars and soda pop. They should follow their no food policy because they have a... Read more

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The Lead for our Neighborhood is above everyone else. She mutes things, call on the phone to try and dictate, and posts herself what she condemns. She needs to be removed. Legal laws have been quoted and she says to stop. Yet she voices opinions - not laws. She elevates who she like and belittles who she doesn't. She tries to dictate what can be discussed and what can't be. The phone calls are the worst as they are not invited. Read more

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You hit the nail on the head! Nextdoor lets leads, dish out hate and punishment if they don't like you! Nextdoor doesn't care who they hurt! Any law firms out there this company need a class action suit against it! Some law firm please start one! You would have a lot of people join in it! They just don't care if they violate anyones 1st amendment rights! Where is this founder from, China! Apparently they would rather someone constitution rights... Read more

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RE: Hello from Nextdoor Nextdoor Support ( Add to contacts 10/20/15 Flag this message To: connie olsson Subject: Hello from Nextdoor OCT 19, 2015 | 10:59PM PDT Garrett replied: Hi Connie, You should have full access to your account again. This was one email received...from a lead named Garret.I mentioned the word free speech and was eliminated from this neighborhood... Read more

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NEXT DOOR SHELTER REVIEW Female resident I used the Internet to explore my options as a homeless person in San Francisco before deciding to leave the comforts of a relatively stable household, a rent-free room in a relative's house a few states away. Some would call this venture (or adventure) brave and other's might call it dumb. Nevertheless I was intrigued with what I found online especially the CHANGES reservation system. Today I can... Read more

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